Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder is when the majority of the worker bees leave their hive and just disappear. They leave the queen bee behind with food and some nurse bees. No one knows the real cause behind Colony Collapse Disorder but Scientists are researching on this.

Bee Population In Canada

Despite what you hear on the news everyday, the Canadian honey-bee industry is thriving. In 2014, 700 000 honey bee colonies produced 200 million dollars worth of honey. CCD Cases are drastically reducing. The real threat to bees is now pesticides. In Ontario, bee survival rates have rebounded drastically.

According to the CAPA Statement on Bee Colony Loss, On July 2016 the responded beekeepers operated 441 640 honey colonies. This represents 61.15% of all colonies operated and wintered in Canada in 2015. The national percentage of colony winter loss was 16.8% with individual provincial percentage ranging from 7.7% to 24.4%. The overall national colony loss reported in 2016 is one of the lowest losses since 2006/07. Despite reported wintering losses in recent years across Canada, beekeepers have been able to replace their dead colonies and increase the number of colonies from 2007to 2015 by 22.4%.