Here at Bumble Love, it's all about bees. Every day we try to raise awareness about bees and why they are important to our planet. We try to teach people the importance of bees in our daily lives. Albert Einstein once said that Man would have only four years to live if bees died away.


Flowers! We can't exaggerate the importance of Flowers. Bees need to pollinate flowers everyday for food. When they do that the flowers are pollinated which means they grow in number. Without bees, our major pollinator we would have less beautiful flowers to look at everyday.


At Bumble Love, we try to educate people about how they can help bees. It starts at your own backyard.  By planting bee-friendly flowers in your backyard, you can make a difference. Bees are attracted to these flowers and will visit your backyard.  Also, sadly bees are dealing with Colony Collapse Disorder which has an unknown cause. We're also trying to fund raise towards CCD research.